Saints Volleyball Plays Tough at Hudson Valley

Saints Volleyball Plays Tough at Hudson Valley

The Saints volleyball team wrapped up their final POD of the season with a match at Hudson Valley over the weekend. Coach Megan Czadzeck breaks down the games for us. 


Game 1 vs Fulton-Montgomery (L)


Scores:                        Stats:                       

12-25 (L)                        Bri McCoy- 5 kills

12-25 (L)                        Jordyn Santana- 3 kills, 5 digs

12-25 (L)                        Molly Sorrell- 9 digs

                                      Emma Weyand- 2 kills, 6 assists, 5 digs

Game 2 vs. Herkimer (L)


Scores:                        Stats:

26-28 (L)                        Emma Weyand- 8 kills, 12 assists, 4 digs   

18-25 (L)                        Jordyn Santana- 9 digs, 3 kills

17-25 (L)                        Molly Sorrell- 9 digs, 4 kills

Game 3 vs Mohawk Valley (L)


Scores:                        Stats:

7-25 (L)                        Emma Weyand- 3 kills, 4 assists, 1 ace

6-25 (L)                        Molly Sorrell- 3 kills, 5 digs

19-25 (L)                      Ashley McCoy- 2 kills, 1 assist

We had some players that really showed hustle and motivation throughout the day.  Our setter, Emma, was really on.  She was able to read the court and place the ball where the other team was not, which gained us a lot of our points.  Also, today I switched things up a bit and had some of the girls playing different positions.  This is always nerve wracking to do in a game, because the players are always nervous to do something they are not always used to doing, but the girls rose to the occasion and put their trust in us.  Even though we left without a win, I was happy to see some heart and hustle throughout the day