DeArmaYero Becomes NCCC's All-Time Leading Scorer

Saints forward Nidia DeArmaYero celebrates her record goal with goalkeeper Rosie Bamber.
Saints forward Nidia DeArmaYero celebrates her record goal with goalkeeper Rosie Bamber.


For the second time in as many years, the North Country Saints Women's all-time scoring record has been broken. Nidia DeArmaYero scored both goals for the Saints in a 2-1 victory over Columbia-Greene CC on Saturday becoming the school's All-time leading scorer. Her 47 career goals surpassed last year's record total of 45 by Alicia Cook. The two were teammates last season and pushed each other to always be the best. DeArmaYero said, "Playing with Alicia last year and watching her break the record was inspiring. It really pushed me to work harder to try and break it this season."

"Having the record broken two years in a row is an incredible thing," said Saints Coach Kent Egglefield. "It speaks to the talent and dedication of the athletes we've been able to attract to North Country now. Nidia is the most elite talent I've ever had."

DeArmaYero, a sophomore striker from Akwesasne, NY, is one of the Saints Captains this season. Her fellow Captain, Ella Smalley said, "I'm so proud of Nidia and what she has achieved here. It's been a privilege to play alongside her these past two seasons."

Fellow sophomore and Saints starting Goalkeeper Rosie Bamber added, "It's been a pleasure to play with somebody as inspiring, hard-working, and determined as Nidia is. Seeing her break the record will always be a highlight of my career here. It's well-deserved, and I know she will go on to do even greater things."

For her efforts, DeArmaYero still did what she always does… put the team first. "I'm super excited and happy to break the record, but I'm even more excited to get the win and put us in position for a top seed in the regionals. We've worked hard this year and I hope to keep it going."

Nidia is also the leading scorer in the entire Nation so far this year. "My biggest hope is to get the recognition this college deserves," she said. "A scoring record is great, and if it brings us some national recognition, then it's even better."

DeArmaYero also credited her coaches, teammates, parents, and entire family for helping her get the record. "The love, support, and encouragement they've all given me has been amazing. I'm truly thankful for them all."

"Her hard work and leadership is unmatched," stated Egglefield. "She is always the hardest working player on the field. Ninety-nine percent of the time, she is double or triple-teamed and still fights through it. She's inspiring to watch." 

"In my eleven seasons here, I have seen the record broken four times. First, by Chelsea LaFountain; then Morgan Fountain; last year by Alicia, and now by Nidia. The best part about Nidia breaking the record is the tradition she continued… all of these girls have been captains, all of them scholars with above 3.5 GPA's, and all of them are even better people. I've been blessed to say the least," said Egglefield.

The Saints still have five games to go before the playoffs giving their striker plenty of opportunity to put the record out of reach.