Athlete Mentoring Program

Athlete Mentoring Program (AMP)

MISSION STATEMENT:  The North Country Community College Athlete Mentoring Program is designed to monitor, assist, and retain our Student-Athletes. The main goal is to ensure that our athletes progress successfully in their academic, athletic, and personal endeavors.  The desired outcome for our athletes is to earn a degree, maintain eligibility, and continue their academic, professional, and athletic careers at a four-year institution if desired. 


RATIONALE: The Athlete Mentoring Program [AMP] is designed to assist and support our Student-Athletes in their academic endeavors.  In order for the AMP to be successful we must have pertinent Student-Athlete academic information and have a process where we can intervene quickly, efficiently, and in a timely manner.  Each Coach will submit a team roster to Terry Kemp via email.  He will set up a blackboard page for each team allowing the coach access to each players grades. 



1. The NCCC coaches will monitor each student athlete’s activity on blackboard on a weekly basis.   

2. Upon each concern, a mandatory meeting will be set up by each coach and the student athlete will formulate an action plan that may include but not limited to consulting with the faculty, meeting with the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) to set up tutoring, Study Groups, Team Study Hall, and academic help.   

3. Student-Athlete’s failure to comply with the conditions set forth in the Athlete Mentoring Program will result in an immediate meeting with our Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director will then determine consequences as well as a timeline moving forward. 

4. Athletic Director will review all grades at midterm & meet with each student athlete and coach to determine a course of action.  

5. Student-Athletes who fall below an accumulative GPA of 2.0 after the first semester or any subsequent semesters will have mandatory requirements that may include but not limited to attendance at the LAC, tutoring, and study halls, as soon as the next semester begins. The Student-Athletes will receive correspondence from the Athletic Director providing them with information and steps required to comply with this Section. 

6. Student-Athletes who have earned a minimum of 24 credits with an accumulative GPA of 2.50 or better and with discussion and permission of their Coach can be exempted from the Athlete Mentoring Program. 

7. Athletic Director will complete eligibility at the end of each semester to determine whom will be deemed eligibly/ineligible per NJCAA guidelines.