Crossman Book Scholarship Recipients

The 2014 Crossman Book Scholarship:

The Crossman book scholarship was established by Alum Marvin Rauchbach.  The scholarship will be granted each year to a male and female student that shows hard work and dedication to both academics and community involvment.  These students must exert great leadership as well as community involvement within the college.  Marvin Rachbach has chosen the Crossman name to honor his relationship with Fred Crossman who was the chair of the math department during his time as a student at North Country Community College. 

Courtney Boyea is a freshman guard from Chateaugay, NY.   Courtney is an individual studies major at North Country with a career ambition of being a Elementary or Special Education teacher.  This past semester Courtney has earned a 3.8 GPA.

Clement Gibson is a freshman guard from Brooklyn, MN.  Clement is a Business Administration major and plans to continue both his academic and athletic career at the university level.  This past semester Clement has earned a 3.3 GPA.