Crossman Book Scholarship

The Crossman book scholarship was established by Alum Marvin Rauchbach.  The scholarship will be granted each year to a male and female student that shows hard work and dedication to both academics and community involvement.  These students must exert great leadership as well as community involvement within the college.  Marvin Rauchbach has chosen the Crossman name to honor his relationship with Fred Crossman who was the chair of the math department during his time as a student at North Country Community College.

Marvin Rauchback graduated from North Country Community College in 1971 with an associates in Math & Science.  Marvin was a two sport athlete for the Saints participating in both lacrosse and basketball.  “One of the memories that I cherished most about my time here at North Country was the ability to be involved in so many other extracurricular activates outside of the classroom” Rachback stated.  One of Rauchback’s main extracurricular activates was his passion for musical events that took place within the St. Bernard’s Church.  Currently Marvin Rauchback resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he is a very successful financial advisor.  To this day Marvin is still very active in both music and athletics as he is a drummer in various jazz groups as well as a competitive tennis player.

North Country Community College is very fortunate for all of the support that Marvin has shown over the years.  The Crossman book scholarship is just another way that Marvin has supported our institution while honoring his former mentor and instructor Fred Crossman.


Crossman Book Scholarship Recipients:

2014-15:  Courtney Boyea, Clement Gibson

2015-16:  Nicole Blackburn, Grant Webb

2016-17:  Sydney Craig, Jaquan McGill

2017-18:  Bridget Rust, Marvin Bien-Aime

2018-19:  Alexis, Poirier, Kayla Carder

2019-20 Lavender Ward,  Ascaun Johnson

2020-21:  Covid Year

2021-22:  Alaysia Bradford, Brady Yando

2022-23:  Mckenna House, Nyamekye Johnson